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Becoming a rc member

  • Carp welfare is our number 1 priority and we would expect all RC members to share our values and passion.
  • All applicants must be over 18 years old.
  • We are looking for anglers that get on the bank regularly, have good camera skills, and are able to write catch reports and blogs whilst utilising and promoting our products.
  • Social media is key to our business. You will need to be active and have a good following on social media, primarily Facebook and Instagram.
  • Photos must be of good quality and relevant content. If you can edit and create videos for our YouTube channel that would be a bonus. By providing images and content you are giving permission for us to use them on our social media and website. We can ask you to change any content at our discretion.
  • Keep it real. We want to hear your experiences and realities of your session adventures. Good, bad or blanking.
  • We will always be on hand to advise on our products.
  • We will provide 20% discount on our products. This will increase on a sliding scale based on content and activity. Other benefits include merchandise and attending socials as we build a working relationship.
  • Racism, discrimination and bullying will not be tolerated in any form.
  • Not all applications will be successful. We will contact you by email if successful.


All RC members will start on a basic reward scheme of 20% discount which can be applied to all products in our store.

We will further reward members based on the quality and consistency of contribution to the brand via the work you put in on social media. A larger following will not always mean greater reward as we are looking for active engagement and put the highest value in members who are influential among their established community.

RC members must be prepared to promote and use all of our products including clothing, so unfortunately we can't take on new members who are already affiliated with clothing companies and limited in what they can wear/use.

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We do not accept applications from teams or groups of people, each individual must apply separately. Any team or group applications will be declined.

We require all team members to have their own social media accounts - primarily Facebook and Instagram. We If you have any existing affiliations please detail them in the form below when asked. We may not be able to accept an application if your existing affiliations are a conflict of interest.

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