Acid Active 12mm Dumbbel Pop-Up's 4 Flavours In One
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Acid Active 12mm Dumbbel Pop-Up's 4 Flavours In One

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Product Information:

Acid Active Pop-up 12MM 4 In One Colours, Flavours

Acid Active popups are the result of many years of research into various attractive taste substances for carp and combining them into a hook bait range which carp truly love.

All additives are mixed together before rolling into the popup paste, this ensures sustained flavour attractor release for prolonged periods, alleviating the worry of having to freshen up the hook bait after 24/48 hours of angling.

This combination of natural acids, several sweeteners, betaine, concentrated amino acids and nucleotides have been a conscious part of the Acid Active range since its inception in 2013 and has proven it's angling consistency through thousands of hours of angling.

A super buoyant popup mix ensures the rig stays popped up for several days, coupled with the sustained attractor release, if your angling situation requires a presented, attractive hook bait for prolonged periods, the acid active range is designed to tick all those boxes.

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