Double Crimps
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Double Crimps

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Product Information:

Roddy Clips - Double Crimps/Krimps work with Korda boom both sizes 0.6mm /0.7mm

These crimps are used to make super strong "crimping" joint on a variety of hook link material especially on neat and short chod rig.

Crimps 0.6mm:chod filament 0.45-0.50-0.55-0.60mm

Crimps 0.7mm:chod filament 0.60-0.64-0.68mm

  • 1 x Box Of 50 Crimps

How to use:

  1. Place the chosen crimp size onto your hook link, passing the line around the swivel or link loop and back through the second barrel.
  2. Place the crimp into the jaws and squeeze the crimp tool handles firmly together to crush the crimp closed.
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