Katran Captura Fine Duo Braid Hook Link 30lb 20M
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Katran Captura Fine Duo Braid Hook Link 30lb 20M

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The Captura was design to help take the hard work out of the creation of certain rigs and especially the "combi" rig .(less knots=more strength). CAPTURA has a flurocarbon core which helps it sink very quickly. It is made up of a premium braid and it is this braid that envelopes a Fluro core.  we are sure that we have covered most fishing situations that would involve using a mono core braided hook link. The DYNEEMA and Polyester fibres come together to create a robust braid but the nylon mono inner offers a certain amount of buoyancy which can be critical if your chosen hook bait needs to be partially raised. Black in colour and suited to most waters but specially effective when used fishing lakes/rivers that have a darker bottom

  • Combi rig without the knots
  • Superior knot hold
  • Fast sinking
  • Fluro core
  • Semi stiff
  • 20M

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