Katran Galaxy Camo Tapered Mono Shock Leader 5pcs X 12M
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Katran Galaxy Camo Tapered Mono Shock Leader 5pcs X 12M

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Product Information:

Many anglers believe that fluorocarbon is a low-stretch line, and credit its sensitivity to this factor. But it actually stretches more than nylon mono. The difference is, it takes a greater force to get fluoro stretching in the first place which is why our shock leader The GALAXY is made using a premium monofilament.Length 12 meters 5pcs per pack.

Made of high quality copolymer with low memory. Camouflage of three colors which alternate - 50cm black transparent 50cm, 50cm green and so on throughout. This model has the thickest part of the optimal diameter of 0.47 mm. for better passage through the ring.

Permissible to use not only in a fresh water , but also in a sea salt water. 0.47 mm thick slices. 6 meters long, transform into the tapered 4 meters long and more delicate part - with a diameter of 0.28 mm length of 2 meters.

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