Katran Crypton Carp Main Line
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Katran Crypton Carp Main Line

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Product Information:

Crypton Carp is the fishing line of the highest level level, the ratio of the breaking strength to the diameter - is the best among the Katran range.

The innovative technology of light reflection, which masks the fishing line at the any bottom, is applied. Above the water, it is almost transparent, and under water it changes depending on the colour of the bottom.

The fishing line is almost invisible at the bottom, so it does not scare away cautious fish. High knot strength, low stretching coefficient 13-14% and low memory are another valuable benefits of Crypton Сarp.The line is high abrasion resistant, smooth, elastic, easily passes through rings, designed for long distance fishing. The line is covered by polished surface, which protects it from dust and dirt, so it stays clean and smooth for a long time.

The fishing line is packed in iron cans, which perfectly protect it from ultraviolet radiation and mechanical damage during transportation

This line has length marks every 250 meters, that shows, how many meters left on spool

The line is ideally to use at night with Katran W/B 460 PRO headlamp.

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