Fantom Fluorocarbon 30M
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Fantom Fluorocarbon 30M

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Product Information:

"Fantom - Fluorocarbon.

The FANTOM Fluorocarbon line. Made using only 100% premium Japanese manufactured Fluorocarbon. Our FANTOM sinks 4 times faster than mono and again the technologies that we use ensure that the FANTOM is virtually invisible in all waters. It is super anti-abrasive and has a superior knot strength. The FANTOM is ideal for use as a leader for when predator fishing and equally effective in Carp fishing where stealth is required or the use of the CHOD rig is employed.

  • Untouchable Knot Strength
  • Very Low Diameter / Breaking Strain Ratio
  • 100% Fluorocarbon
  • Virtually Invisible in ALL waters
  • Great For Crimping (use 0.50/29.73lb)

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