Katran Synapse Wild carp Main Line
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Katran Synapse Wild carp Main Line

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Product Information:

"Developed with the UK angler in mind, for our money "Synapse - Wild Carp" one of the best all round main line on the market."

the 15lb and 20.5lb versions work very well for targeting shy pressured carp.

35lb version is more suitable for European carping adventures and extremely snaggy venues

never get let down again, Karan produces are rated above and beyond what it says on the tin get complete confidence any where.

The breaking strain to diameter ratio is impressive, and what's more is completely accurate as shown in the video. When you consider most UK main lines of 20lb are around 0.40mm diameter, and Wild Carp comes in at 0.365 in 20.5lb, the technology behind this main line is flawless.

Features include:

  • VERY Fast Sinking
  • Super Low Stretch (10-12%!)
  • Unique Anti Abrasive Coating
  • Extremely High Knot Strength
  • Superb Casting Capabilities
  • 250m Markers (14.4 and 15.50lb)
  • 200m Markers ( 20.5 and 35lb)

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