Nighttopes Squares 5mm x 3mm
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Nighttopes Squares 5mm x 3mm

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Product Information:

Customise your Bobbins, Swingers Bite Alarms, Rod Butts with Roddy Clips - Glow In The Dark Nighttopes ideal to fit Nash Slap Heads and Nash rod butts

The Night Topes are designed from a hard glow in the dark plastic providing a long lasting smooth finish that is strong whilst at the same time resistant to the elements and chemicals. For best results charge with a UV Torch.

Injection Moulded in the U.K.

You will receive:

  • 3 X Nighttopes


  1. To use just put a dab of silicone where Night Tope is to be located and pop it in

As featured in Talking Carp Magazine

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