Katran head torch W/B 460 Pro Head Torch
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Katran head torch W/B 460 Pro Head Torch

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Product Information:

Katran Head Torch W/B 460 PRO

Unique blue light

Blue light diode that creates a unique luminescent effect. This effect boosts the line glow, making the semi-transparent Katran line of the Crypton series, Synapse Neon and Eclipse highly visible.

Powerful 3400 MAH battery

Up to 56 hours of run time on 75 white light
Up to 14 hours of run time on 300  white light
Up to 7 hours of run time on 600  white light
Up to 7 hours of run time of 300  blue light

24 months of guarantee

We are sure in highest quality and care about our customers, offering ultimately long guarantee period. The full conditions you will find in headlamp guarantee card.

Build-in USB-C charger

Do not remove the battery for charging: just unscrew the cover (power button) and use an USB cable to connect the charging port to any power source, including power banks. The headlamp will work while charging from a power bank.

IP 67 and 1.5m drop

Ultimate weather conditions protection, rain, snow is not serious threat for Katran headlamp.
We are glad to offer protection against complete temporary water submersion and drop protection up to 1.5meter high.

Unique magnet feature

The headlamp is equipped with a strong magnet, fix it easily on numerous surfaces. Organize your camp light in an easy way, sticking a headlamp to your tent equipment.

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