Katran Mimicker 10M
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Katran Mimicker 10M

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The Mimicker is top of the three when it comes to innovation and design. We took our premium uncoated KORUND braid and via new innovations in manufacture we threaded it through an authentic weed sleeve that moves and acts naturally in the water just like all aquatic vegetation. The reason for it's creation is mainly down to research we conducted regarding fish that are "rig shy".... it is very evident that over time many of the specimen Carp we seek to catch are also very weary and very nervous. They seem to become well aware that if they take a bait from a rig where the line is visible it will result in them being towed around the lake for the next 20 minutes or so and as a result the bigger specimen fish shy away from visible rigs. Moreover it absorbs the smell of any dip and reflect it for a lot time, attractive fish. The Mimicker and we are very proud to be the manufacturers of this innovation and we think that you will really enjoy using, and it and it will add a little more confidence to how you approach your fishing.

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