Wide Gape Hooks
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Wide Gape Hooks

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Product Information:

Wide gape hooks are very versatile and can be used for many different rig set ups but are most commonly used with a standard hair rig. The aggressive pattern allows for a superior hook hold highly effective presented correctly.

Wide gape hooks have been used for many years now and have proved to be one of the most effective hooks in the carp fishing world.

The wide gape hooks in this range have an in-turned eye and aggressive talon tipped beaked point.

These hooks are made from the finest high grade Carbon Steel, giving them far superior strength compared to many other hooks on the market.

They have dull grey double PTFE (Teflon) coating. The double PTFE coating helps give them a silky smooth finish for quicker hook penetration.
These hooks are extremely sharp straight out of the pack. The super hard points on these hooks make them perfect for those anglers who like to sharpen their hooks even further. They can be filed down to near needle like points whilst still remaining strong.

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