Katran Enduro Braided Hook Link 25LB, 20M
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Katran Enduro Braided Hook Link 25LB, 20M

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Product Information:

Fast sinking, highly soft uncoated braided hooklink. Enduro is thin enough and at the same time highly durable on knots, weaven of high-quality Tualon fibers combination. Enduro has ultimate abrasion resistance, works perfectly under hard conditions of bottom, resisting scratches caused by shells or rocks. The colour solution is camo, mixed pieces in brown and black. The symbiosis of hooklink's softness and resistance makes your rig convenient to use, safe, and guarantees high endurance and long rig life.

  • High Endurance / Abrasion Resistance
  • Fast Sinking
  • Low Diameter
  • Camo Brown/Black/Green
  • User Friendly

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