Sunblessa Head Torch V2 White,Green,Red LED'S
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Sunblessa Head Torch V2 White,Green,Red LED'S

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Product Information:

If your looking for a compact rechargeable head torch that's friendly on your wallet too, we've got you covered.

This little beauty is perfectly packed with features in a stylish handy case ideal for a quick over night session to a week in France.

Key features

  • Adjustable headband with reflective stripes an anti slip inner coating
  • 365lumin
  • Weighs just 46g
  • Up to 200h run time
  • 700mah battery
  • Main White beam with 3 levels of brightness
  • Red,Green LED'S
  • Button Lock for transport
  • 2 year guarantee from purchase, just get in contact
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